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23 Jan

New Store Update: Welcome Farmers Market Maui

Aloha! We are pleased to announce a new retail location to carry our extremely high quality whole food produce powders.  This is the first location in Hawaii, on the beautiful island of Maui, to offer Super Sprout’s nutrient dense fruit and veggie powders. Farmers Market Maui’s purpose is to support and nourish a healthy community […]

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02 Jan

New Store Update: Welcome Natural Apothecary Store

Thanks ‘Natural Apothecary’ for loving our range of 100% natural whole-food fruit and vegetable produce powders. The Natural Apothecary store is run by Cecilia Salvesen, an expert in the field of promoting healthy lifestyles and natural health. Super Sprout is honored to be associated with Cecilia and her Natural Apothecary store located at: 1371 S. State Street, Orem, Utah […]

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