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02 Sep

Hello Napa Valley! Super Sprout Now at Nature Select Foods

We are so excited to now have our extremely high quality Super Sprout fruit and veggie powders available at Nature Select Foods in the beautiful Napa Valley region of St. Helena, CA. Nature Select Foods is committed to providing the finest holistic products for you and your family. The fantastic staff believes in sharing knowledge to empower you to educated health choices that inspire healthy living.


Nature Select Foods has been passionate about your health since 1997, when Ivo Matijaca walked away from a successful career, moved his family to a new town, and founded Nature Select Foods. Ivo retired in 2016, entrusting the store to John Palmer, a sixth-generation resident of St. Helena.

Nature Select Foods is providing a vital service to Napa Valley residents, carrying hundreds of products that are organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, local, fair-trade, sugar-free, etc.

We at Super Sprout are honored that Nature Select Foods is carrying our premium, convenient whole food powders and are now available to the residents and visitors to the Napa Valley area.

Make sure you share your feedback and recipes with us. Pick up your Super Sprout powders at Nature Select Foods for a chance to be featured on our social channels! Tag us by using #supersprout!