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Build strength and beat expectations with Super Sprout Beetroot Powder.

Energize your active lifestyle with Super Sprout’s 100% pure Beetroot Powder.

Beets are sweet, richly colored, and packed with nutritional benefits. Sprinkle, swirl or stir some in to your breakfast, lunch or dinner today!

  • Beetroot has been known to improve levels of energy, vigor & stamina.
  • Beetroot is a great tasting vegetable that is extremely low on the Glucose Index. It is also high in soluble fiber which has been known to create feelings of fullness.
  • Beetroot increases oxygen uptake at the cellular level, having a positive effects on performance. Endurance, consistency and great capacity are known outcomes.
  • Super Sprout uses only the highest quality Australian grown organic beetroot to ensure it’s the purest in the world.
  • Super Sprout Beetroot Powder is a natural, freeze-dried product, with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
  • Super Sprout offers the finest quality, 100% pure Beetroot Powder with no other ingredients or fillers added.



Beetroot Beef Pie
Beetroot Salad
Beetroot Juice


High in soluble fibre
Reduces blood pressure
Increases oxygen uptake
Reduces high cholesterol levels
No preservatives

Beetroot Powder
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150g Container$33.95Add to Cart

Beetroot lovers say great things about Super Sprout

I heard that beetroots added extra endurance when playing sport, well the experts were right. The powder mixed with juice and taken before a game of football has given me extra legs, and I’m close to 50 years old. Thank you.

- Mark

I’m not usually a fan of beetroot so I gave Super Sprout Beetroot powder a go and surprisingly found it better than I originally imagined. I add one tsp to a glass of water. It tastes great, is quick and easy to put together and I know I’m gaining all the natural benefits.

- Kellie

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