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Juice Duo 2 Pack


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Juice Duo 2 Pack lovers say great things about Super Sprout

Strawberry Powder = yum! Strawberry is one of our staple flavours in our house. I love putting it in a huge variety of recipes including juices, green shakes, shakes, cakes, muffins, and pancakes. My son loves banana and strawberry muffins! It is also an easy natural (and tasty) way to colour cake frostings when you don’t want to use anything artificial. Love it! 

- Michelle

So easy to add extra Nutrition to my foods. I am so pleased with this product. it tastes nice. I have added it into cakes, breakfast cereal , porridge, and smoothies. Love the taste thanks!

- Leesa

Blueberry powder is THE best ! The first tub I purchased lasted merely a week. Mixing it with water is a great way to sweeten and flavor plain jane water.

And it is really good for you. Hooray for Super Sprout. I am so glad I found you!

- Bella

I replace the bananas in my Banana Bread recipe with Blueberry Powder, it’s also great with Strawberry and Apple Powder too!

- Jema

Hello Kellie and team.

I just wanted to thank you and Melinda for bringing such a brilliant change to my life. 6 months ago: not that long after I found out I had diabetes I found Super Sprout. I had to make lifestyle changes to manage to my eating & exercise habits for longevity.

Super Sprout was an easy addition to my daily eating plan. I am a qualified cook by trade and I found myself experimenting with your superb foods, I don’t have them as an alternative to fresh food, I have them constantly as an addition to my meals. The reality is that within 2 months of taking Super Sprout as a regular part of my food routines, I was taken off one lot of my Diabetes medication. This thrilled me and greatly impressed my doctor as my blood sugars and Cholesterol were in the high range previously.

I have converted many people now to Super Sprout, it’s the easiest thing in the world, once they taste, and see what they can do for the health of their loved ones, and they want to get more. I now have regular orders from my own circles, which led me to tell all my friends and family about it. They loved it so much that I’ve now made a business from it. I’ve become a Tasmanian Distributor of the entire range with the aim of becoming Super Sprout’s National Brand Distributor.

Super Sprout has changed my life, and I want to champion change in other people’s lives. I have a friend interstate that has so fallen for your product she wants to get involved in promoting the Super Sprout brand to her circles, so our ripples are just beginning Kellie.
Melinda and you are superstars in my eyes Kellie. Thank you for giving me the genuine means to help my own health and for giving me the opportunity to grow a business with you that WILL make a real change in people’s health.


- Frank Johnstone

As a mother of two daughters eating healthy became quite important to me. I never used to question anything I ate until I had children and had to wonder what they were eating. I would go to bed at night stressing mainly about my oldest daughter (summa, 3) who had become anti everything but yoghurt and cheese. We had tried every trick in the book to get her to eat her veggies but nothing really worked. I then came across Super Sprout and realised i could sneak it in just about everything! I loved that it was Australian, organic and most of all 100% pure and natural veggie powder! I started putting broccoli sprout mixed into the yoghurt, carrot powder on top of her cheese and if i had come up short with my est time for getting them dinner, I would put the veggie powders mixed in with tuna. I love the versatility of the powders and that they can slip in unnoticed to any meal, snack or beverage.

- Melissa

Dear Kellie,

As a gym fit, relatively youthful 53 year old I was recently stunned to be diagnosed with COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, after a life time of asthma. This disease is characterised by the lungs inability to defend themselves with increasing inflammation and oxidative stress. A grim picture indeed.

Of note for all asthmatics, sufferers of bronchitis, COPD, smokers and ex smokers is the detailed research findings from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA. They found a remarkable compound found in Broccoli Sprouts known as Sulphorapahane, can literally boost a specific molecule in the cells of the lung, helping to reverse the damage already wrought. In short, it can help restore the lungs natural ability to defend against bacteria up to 300 times better than previously, increase antioxidant properties and decrease inflammation which helps us breathe better.

This compound, readily available from the Super Sprout Company in an organic form, is a wonderful and absolutely indispensible adjunct to traditional medicine. It literally treats the causative factors of lung disease rather than just the symptoms. It has turned my life into one of hope and better health. You need a doctor, you need to be informed, and you need the Super Sprout Broccoli Powder to best manage your precious health.

I quote Dr Robert Wise of Johns Hopkins University on the results of their studies ‘this research helps explain the long established links betwen diet and disease.’ The fact that drug companies are racing to create similar acting synthetic drugs is a potent reminder of the value of this and other research.

I urge all people interested in their health or those of loved ones to seriously consider that some of the answers to todays most destructive diseases may actually come from nature. Broccoli Sprouts can be an integral pathway to self empowerment.

Thank you all at Super Sprout for the wonderful products you create.

Yours Sincerely,

- Anthony Leece

I received a Free Super Sprout Recipe Book with an order that I placed online. My kids asked me to make the Ginger Biscuits which I had never made before, they were a huge hit in our family so thank you! Can’t wait to see the new Volume 3 book.

- Rebecca Short

I have a glass of lemon juice every morning but have used all my lemons from my tree.This is the next best thing great taste mixes well .All the other powders I have bought are also great will always buy from you in future thank you so much. Sandra. Ps and thank you Bev. (SS Customer Service Rep)

- Sandra

Adding lemon powder to my oyster stir- fry sauce helps pack dinner with a punch. For extra flavour I marinate the meat overnight. The powder blends so nicely with the sauce and leaves no clumps.

- Roslyn Davis

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