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Little green powerhouse: Wheatgrass is concentrated nutrition.

Experience the power of Wheatgrass Sprout Powder.

Once you experience the power of wheatgrass, you’ll want that nutrient boost as part of your active lifestyle every day, in every way. Now it’s easy and fun. Just shake, swirl or sprinkle 100% organic, non-GMO wheatgrass sprout powder on your meals with an easy the flip of the wrist.

  • Wheatgrass contains the lipase enzyme that helps break down fat cells.
  • Wheatgrass assists red blood cells to oxygenate the blood.
  • Wheatgrass can boost the immune system and benefit liver regeneration.
  • Our wheatgrass sprout powder is made from 100% organic, non-GMO wheatgrass sprouts, harvested young for maximum nutritional value.
  • Super Sprout Wheatgrass Sprout Powder is a natural, freeze-dried product, with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
  • Super Sprout offers the finest quality, 100% Wheatgrass Sprout Powder with no other ingredients or fillers added.



Wheatgrass Super Bean Salad
Wheatgrass Smoothie
Wheatgrass Juice


Helps oxygenate the blood
Contains all minerals known to man
Improves digestion
Powerful antioxidant
No preservatives

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Wheatgrass Sprout lovers say great things about Super Sprout

My wife and I have a little baby boy who has a oral aversion and doesn’t really like to eat. So when he does he doesn’t get enough calories to grow. He recently had a operation where he now has a Bard button in his belly so he can be tube fed. The tube is only 2mm diameter so using mashed organic fruit and veg is not an option as it has to be watered down that much to stop the tube getting blocked that it loses its nutritional value. So with these great products he can now have all his fruit and veggies and some super foods as well.

So far we have been using all these products for 4 weeks and he has managed to put on 300gms a week so we’re really happy.

- Little Thomas

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