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17 May

Show-Me the Super Sprout! Our Powders are Now Available at O’Fallon Nutrition

You can now find Super Sprout in another store in the Show-Me State! We’re proud to announce that O’Fallon Nutrition, a local, family business that has been serving the O’Fallon, Missouri community since 2002.

oO’Fallon Nutrition prides itself on being the local source for holistic health and natural products. Carrying a wide selection of supplements, herbs, essential oils, local meats, and more, O’Fallon is a one-stop shop for those concerned about their overall wellness as well as those interested in supporting local businesses. The knowledgeable staff of O’Fallon will help guide you down the path of making smarter health and food choices for you and your family.

Adding our line of powders to the impressive O’Fallon lineup felt like a no-brainer. Because we share the same goals of promoting healthy lifestyles and complete nutrition, we’re sure that Super Sprout will thrive in the O’Fallon, MO community. We can’t wait to hear what the people of Missouri have to say about our products and how it feels to GET REAL!

For more information about O’Fallon Nutrition, please visit their website here, and to learn more about the Super Sprout products that will be featured in the store, click here. Make sure you share your feedback and recipes with us if pick up your Super Sprout powders at O’Fallon Nutrition for a chance to be featured on our social channels! Tag us by using #supersprout!