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Store Locator

More and more fine health food stores are starting to carry Super Sprout products, so keep checking our site for more store updates.

Can’t find a store near you yet?…No worries. You can always purchase our great products directly from this site.



      Tell a store about Super Sprout

      Want Super Sprout in your neighborhood store? Here’s what you can do:

      1. Download our letter to retailers
      2. Print the letter and give it to the manager at your local store
      3. Tell him or her how much you love Super Sprout

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      Your Reward

      Post a photo of yourself giving the letter to a store manager on our Facebook page and you’ll receive a Super Sprout T-Shirt. Please include the store’s name, city, and state in your post.



      Left; Melinda Richards, ‘Founder of Super Sprout’ with Kellie Hermansson ‘General Manager – Strategy & Business Development. Seen here at Natural Products Expo West, Anaheim, CA, March 6th 2015 – wearing the new Super Sprout T-shirts.