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Strawberry Powder May Inhibit Development of Esophageal Cancer

We at Super Sprout have always believed in the “Food as Medicine” philosophy, especially when we continually come across study after study to support this. A 2011 study using Strawberry Powder and the possible effects on esophageal cancer is worth noting. On April 6, 2011, an important study was presented at the American Association for Cancer… Read more »


Endurance Athletes: Beetroot Can Improve Your Performance

What if I told you consuming something as simple as a beetroot could possibly help extend endurance and improve performance? The supplement world is a crazy world, and I know you, as an athlete, want to do everything you can to optimize training and performance – as long as it makes sense and actually works. Drinking… Read more »


Childhood Obesity – Hidden Addictions

No doubt about it – obesity is on the increase. Linked closely to the changes in the way that households are organized and our busy lifestyles, as well as the misinformation about dieting, exercise and food over the last 40 years, is the fact that obesity rates across the world have increased to alarming levels. Scientists… Read more »


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Hello Friends, we know it’s quick & easy to order our 100% pure superfood powders online, but it’s also convenient to purchase them at you favorite grocery store, health food store, gym, yoga studio, pharmacy, etc… We want you to have access to our products everywhere and we need your help.  It’s easy! Just find the store manager… Read more »