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Blueberries, Already a Superfood, May Help Combat PTSD

Blueberries are not only scrumptious – they may be able to protect us from cardiovascular disease, cancer, memory loss, and maybe even PTSD in the future. Bears go bats over blueberries. In blueberry season, bears will travel miles just to get their paws – well, lips – on a ripe and scrumptious blueberry patch. And… Read more »


Broccoli Sprouts: a new kind of “super food” in Autism treatment

A clinical trial conducted by scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital for Children and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine has discovered that a chemical derived from broccoli sprouts, previously known for its preventative qualities in regards to cancers, may also have practical application in treating various autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). The study, which was… Read more »


‘POWDER vs. FRESH’…State your case.

People often ask… “why would I want to eat powdered foods and not fresh?” ‘Powdered Foods’ are such convenient products to have on hand readily available to add to a wide range of recipes, that the concept and availability removes much of the frustration surrounding getting a good amount of nutritious food daily, and adds… Read more »


The Amazing Benefits of Organic Broccoli Sprouts

What do you think of when I mention the word ‘sprouts’? Someone of your Grandmothers age or older planting seeds in plastic dishes, watering them, watching them grow, and then sniping off their ends to add into a pot of boiling water? That their perceived taste being dry, bitter and grass like – not that… Read more »